This blog is going to be short. Now to understand this requires a little common sense.


The turning effect of force whether clockwise or anticlockwise is called Torque or Moment.

Its equation is Moment of Force/Torque = Force x Distance.

Principle of Torque

The principle is about the center of gravity on either side of the pivot being equal balances the half-meter. For this the half meter rule (example) should be either placed on the pivot by its central point or there should be an object of specific mass balaningplaced on the half meter rule to balance the half meter rule.


Stability is the ability of an object to regain its position after being tilted a little. The stability of an object is affected by

two factors, one being the height of center of gravity (lowest is suitable for stability) and the


other being the size of the base (widest is suitable).

Center of Gravity

Center of gravity is that point where the pivot is

placed and the half meter rule or any balancing object is balanced on both sides. If you move the pivot a little further to the left you will notice that the half meter rule falls to the opposite side as the former place of center of gravitypivot has turned into a point of action. This point is called the center of gravity.

Center of Mass

a point representing the mean position of the matter in a body or system.

center of mass





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