Hello everyone or Salam (May Allah Bless you) as we say in my culture. It has been a while since I have been writing articles of science. Today my article is about Malaria which is one of the most dangerous diseases known to Man. Before we start I must inform you that I will provide pictures for ease of understanding as well as provide paragraphs of knowledge in an easy way for understanding. Another note is that I will mention Mankind in the word human and not animal or man which might seem against all the other books of science. This is because I regard a Human the greatest specie and creation of God. Another important note is that I will provide my knowledge and confirm whether it is correct or not, If you find any error of sort you can comment to inform me. Thank you for your support!

Mosquito Life Cycle

The most interesting fact is that the mosquito that bites us or pierces our skin is a female mosquito and is never a male. The male mosquito collects nutrients from plants while the female collects nutrients from animals and humans. The reason is that the female requires a rich amount of nutrients from the blood for her eggs. When she is Mosquito life cycleready to lay her eggs she does so on the surface of water whether it is a lake or a puddle regardless. Then the egg hatches and a larvae emerges from it. It has a breathing tube which pierces the surface of water to take in air. The larvae collects food from the water and sheds its skin constantly. At the last skin being shed the larvae turns into a pupae. This also has a breathing tube which provides air for it. No food is taken in, in this process. Soon an adult mosquito emerges out of the pupae out of the surface of the water and continues its life cycle.

How Malaria Spreads

The relationship of a parasite and a host is called Parasitism, in which the parasite benefits from the host but the host does not benefit from the parasite. In the case of malaria there are two parasites. One being the mosquito and the other is a microorganism known as Plasmodium. This microorganism stays in the mosquito as the parasite while the mosquito is the host. When the mosquito pierces the skin Mosquitothe microorganism enters the body. The parasite then lives a complex life in the body of an animal or a human. Soon symptoms of malaria occur, it may be vomiting, fever, jaundice, headaches etc. When another mosquito bites a malaria patient and then bites another person that may be healthy, that person develops malaria. This is how malaria is spread. However once the malaria is cured, it is cured temporarily. After days, weeks, months, or even years the malaria might again develop in the body. If certain action is not taken to control it a person soon falls into coma and die. There is no certain cure for malaria but steps can be taken to stop it.

How to stop Malaria

marshy land-By spraying insecticides on the surface of any water.

-By spraying water on the larvae, egg or pupae.

-By spraying a thin layer of oil on the surface of water which makes it hard for the breathing tube of a pupae or a larvae to pierce through the surface, soon the organism drowns. Also the adult mosquito does not lay her eggs on such surface.

-By using insect repellents and mosquito nets to avoid mosquito bite.insecticide

-By eliminating the breeding places of the mosquito like the marshy areas.

-This one is weird. We can also prevent spreading of malaria by releasing sterile male mosquitoes in breeding areas of mosquito. This is because when the female and male mosquitoes mate the female will not be able to produce eggs.

-We can also drop mosquito eating fish and other insect eating fish which will eat the larvae and the pupae.

This is how we can control malaria from spreading.


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