Dietary needs

When a female gets pregnant she needs more care, more nutrients and minerals. This is because she carries her fetus. The fetus also feeds on the mother’s diet by diffusion, osmosis and active transport in the blood capillaries in the placenta discussed in the previous article. What every mother needs is a balanced diet. It is necessary for everyone but is very important for pregnant woman for providing the fetus a good proportion and variety of nutrients. The nutrients necessary for fruits and vegetablespregnant women are:

  • Starchy food to supply carbohydrates in the form of bread, avocado, potato etc. to supply energy.
  • Meat, eggs, chicken etc. are foods which provide a good amount of proteins necessary for growth of the fetus.
  • Dairy products such as milk, cheese, cream provide calcium which help in the growth of bones.
  • Foods with a high amount of fat and sugar are not recommended but should be in the diet in small amounts.
  • A lot of fruits and vegetables are very important for the pregnant women which are a great source of minerals and vitamins.

A pregnant female does not require any medications and supplements unless the doctor recommends it. The supplements required for a specific reason are shown below:

  • Iron tablets are important for women who have anemia. Anemia is a disease in tabletswhich a female or male are deficient in red blood cells or have a low amount of hemoglobin in the body. This is due to deficiency of iron. Iron is necessary for the production of hemoglobin in a body. If you have read my previous article you will know that a baby takes nutrients for energy from the mother’s blood which is why these tablets are important.
  • Folic acid is taken by women who are trying to get pregnant and they are recommended to take it for 12 more weeks after pregnancy. It is also found in leafy vegetables and brown rice. It is necessary for preventing any birth defects such as spina bifidia. It is a disease in which the nerve cord of the embryo is not well developed.
  • Vitamin D for bone development.

Advantages of Breastfeeding

During pregnancy the placenta produces the hormone progesterone which develops the secondary sexual characteristics. One of this is that the mammary glands grow in size. As soon as the baby is born the mother is able to feed the baby through the mammary glands. Some women may not be able to do so due to medical reasons others might not want to. Which is why the doctors recommend Baby-with-motherformula milk which have the same composition as the breast-milk. While the breastfeeding process a woman’s need of protein, vitamins and calcium increase by 25%. There are several advantages of breastfeeding:

  • The milk has the exact amount of nutrients and minerals needed by the baby and in exact composition and proportion.
  • It provides the baby with antibodies which is necessary for the baby to survive against fever and diseases.
  • It creates an emotional bond between the mother and the baby.

With this I conclude my article. I hope it was helpful.


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