Eid Mubarak everyone!! Now that you might have figured out that I am a Muslim I thought I should give you guys a little break from science and discuss today’s event. I would have done a giveaway but I lack the resources and the money for that right now. Now many Muslims are aware of this day and do not need this information but those of you who might not know or might be curious, I am here to help you guys. I will provide 2 or 3 pictures but I cannot provide pictures of Prophet Ibrahim or any other people because there are no pictures of them and if there are they are nothing but a lie (according to my culture).

What happened on Eid-ul-Adha?

Everything has an origin except for Allah. On this special day our dear Prophet Abraham (Hazrat Ibrahim as known in my culture) was commanded to sacrifice his son, Hazrat Ismail, in the name of Allah. Hazrat Ibrahim had only one son at the time. Other than that he was born in the old age of Hazrat Ibrahim which is why he was dearest to him. Allah contacted Hazrat Ibrahim in his dreams. He could see in his dreams that he was asked to sacrifice his dearest thing. The most dearest thing to him was no one other than his son. He told his wife and his son of such a huge demand and they both responded. His wife and child said that Hazrat Ibrahim should not hesitate in doing what he has been asked of. Now that is something no one would do or would they. Hazrat Ibrahim took his son and went into a jungle with a sharp blade. During his travel he encountered the Demon/Satan (Iblis as said in my culture). He tried to convince Ibrahim (AS) to go home. But Hazrat Ibrahim did not agree and threw a stone at him. In that position the Demon/Satan became a Stone statue. Today you can see that statue during Hajj in Mina. It is called a Jamaraat. However the Demon/Satan appeared again, the same happened, and then appeared again, the same happened. 3 times he came back but three times left with failure. This explains why there are 3 towers in that area. When the Prophet reached his destination, He hesitated. How could he not, Ismail was his only son and the dearest thing to him. Ismail consoled him and gave an advice of closing his eyes during the sacrifice and convinced Hazrat JamaraatIbrahim to sacrifice him. He closed his eyes and did as he was asked for. Once the sacrifice was done he opened his eyes and saw a lamb instead of Hazrat Ismail. He looked around and saw Hazrat Ismail standing along the Hazrat Jibraeel/Gabrial (The Holy Spirit). Allah (the God) had sent the Angel to replace Hazrat Ismail with a lamb. This was the first sacrifice in the history of Islam.

Meaning of the Event

Now my knowledge of Islam is nothing compared to an Imam (the leader who leads prayer) and a Maulvie (A highly knowledgeable person). But I am providing you my image of the events. The way Hazrat Ibrahim tried to sacrifice his only son may seem heartlessness but what I see is love. They way he hesitated before sacrificing his son, that was love for his son. The way he refused the advice of the Demon/Satan, that was love for Allah. The way he sacrificed his son closing his eyes, I see love for his son. When Ismail insisted on his sacrifice, I see love for his father and Allah. The way the Satan/Demon tried to send him home, I see hatred in his heart for humans. When Hazrat Ismail was replaced by a lamb, I see love of Allah. This shows that Allah can be trying for his devoted followers to test whether they love Allah more than worldly things. I say this because according to my belief at the Day of Judgement, not a single person is trying to help each other [Except Prophet (SAW)] but would be trying to help themselves and would be saying “Forgive me Allah!” repeatedly. Meaning no one would be handy at that day except for Allah. When we show in His tests and prove ourselves a devoted follower He does not let you down no matter what and these events are the proof of it.

What my point is that Islam is love. Love for Allah, love for Prophets, Love for mother, love for father, love for brother and sister, love for your wife, love for your husband, love for the poor, love for a well-to-do person, love for friends, love for neighbors, love for fellow Muslims, love for Non-Muslims and love for animals. Today whenever I see people, there are many people, not just Non-Muslims but Muslims as well, whom I notice lack love. Maybe this is the cause of all the conflict in the world. We should forget religious difference and love each other like brothers/sisters.

What happens on Eid-ul-Adha?

On Eid-ul-Adha, we wake up early in the morning and take a shower to wash off germs. Then we wear new clothes and use perfume to smell better. After this we go to a mosque and pray alongside others. On this day the whole world gathers in each mosque in such large crowds that you would see the majesty of God. When we come home we sacrifice the animals either by ourselves or by others. The meat of the animals are then distributed to relatives, friends, neighbors, and the poor and a part of it is kept by the family who owns the sacrificed animal. The animal sacrificed should either be a cattle, a goat, a sheep, a camel or a cow. We are allowed to sacrifice only these animals and not others. We then visit the graves of our lost ones which is essential. Did you know that each dead person remembers you and calls for you. He remains thirsty for your visit to his grave. The reason is that we believe that people may be suffering from punishments from Allah for their sins in the graves. When we visit them and pray to Allah for them, they feel relieved.


This article was my opinion over Eid-ul-Adha. This is not an offense to any other religion. All things downloadwritten here was my view of Eid-ul-Adha. The reason I wanted to write this was to show Muslims and Non-Muslims that love is a powerful thing and every one should show it not only to the rich and any fellow of the same religion as you and not only to those who are related to you. Everyone deserves it. As The Last Prophet (SAW) once said:

You will never enter paradise until you have faith and you will not complete your faith until you love one another

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