Coronary Heart Disease

Arteries which supply the heart with oxygen through the blood are called coronary arteries. When fatty substances are deposited on the endothelial wall of atheromathe coronary arteries, they reduce the amount of red blood cells passing through it. This causes the decrease in oxygen supply to the heart. This in turn causes a heart attack.

The fatty substances which are deposited on the blood vessels, in the lumen, which forms the atheroma which blocks the blood vessels. It also hardens it which results in chest pain, mainly after exercise, this state is called atherosclerosis. As the atheroma increases in size it blocks the vessels, the blood cells then start to clot. This is why the red blood cells do not pass through the vessels in this condition. The heart won’t receive any oxygen from the coronary artery and will stop for a brief second. This is called a heart attack. Mostly it is not severe but if it is then it can lead to death.

Causes and Control

  • Genes- If a person has forefathers who had such a disease is likely to have this disease. There is nothing we can do to prevent this but we can treat it if the patient consults his doctor in time.
  • Diet- A person who has too much fats in his diet is likely to suffer from such disease. Eating too much dairy products like cheese, meat, and other oily foods. We should eat a balanced diet to prevent the occurrence of such diseases.
  • Smoking– Cigarettes have nicotine in it which results in it which results in higher blood pressure and higher heart rate. The carbon monoxide in it combines with the hemoglobin and does not allow the oxygen to be supplied to the body. Smoking is a very dangerous habit and is also the reason for cancer. Even though people who do not smoke can develop cancer and coronary heart disease but smoking can cause likelihood of a person developing cancer and coronary heart disease.
  • High Blood pressure – constant high blood pressure is also known as hypertension. This results in lower supply of oxygen. The heart beats faster causing heart attack because it beats faster and is supplied with less oxygen. It is mainly due to high amount of salt in our diet or by smoking and many other habits. We should have a balanced diet and avoid the use of high amount of salt.

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